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Tourism Destination

Tourism is the cornerstone of the development of the European economy. We are a continent with a historical past, typical hospitable people, tradition, gastronomy, and a wonderful nature.

It has opportunities for gentle development, with a view to highlighting each local identity and particularities, individually. It can deliver and gain more goodwill, both for residents and visitors.

Our company, in collaboration with external partners - companies, all specialized in the field of destination development, aims analyze and implement following in the context of the overall tourism reorganization of each destination.


Service Includes

  • a study which will thoroughly analyze all aspects of the destination

  • implementation of a study in the field, with the assistance of the respective authority and its partners, as well as with the Tourism Committee

  • thorough monitoring of the development of the tourism product with measurable data, through the creation of a tourism observatory

  • proposals for construction interventions that can be implemented through subsidized programs

  • full consultancy and realization of the overall project during for a 5 years' period

  • creation of a destination management organization for the authority - Destination

  • promotion and sale of tourist services - products through various means and synergies

  • marketing plan, re-positioning, swot, pestle, human resources organization

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