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Hotel Organization & Human Resources

Identification of the axes, to which priorities must be given, establishment of a comprehensive framework of proper organisation to be implemented, and application of an organisation style based on sustainable actions and trends, for the best result of the company, the human and environmental factors.


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Complete and perfect organization of the hotel unit with monitor of the operation according to a specific operation schedule

Hotel Consultant - Kostas Falangas Values - Respect


Satisfaction of customers with a simultaneous impact on social media and other means of information forwarding

Hotel Consultant - Kostas Falangas Values - Respect


Detailed reporting which allows the administration team (inc. the hotelier) to know at any time what is happening in the hotel

Hotel Consultant - Kostas Falangas Values - Respect


Satisfaction of the hotelier for the fidelity of operation without malfunctions and the need to rent the hotel with much lower efficiency

Hotel Consultant - Kostas Falangas Values - Respect


Organization of all human resources both in accounting and financial organization in their performance towards customers

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Better financial results

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Service Includes

  • Identification and prioritisation of the axes in the organisation needs

  • Designing an integrated framework of good administration through the creation of s.o.p.s’ (standards of procedures)

  • Complete organisation of human resources and training of the involved managers and seminars in human resources

  • Organization in the reporting/reports of daily information and full connection with s.o.p.s’

  • Upgrading information systems to assist actions

  • Detailed costing of all aspects of business management separately by the department and continuous monitoring with the daily support of the hotel operation

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