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Business Plan For Hotels

Specialisation in creating the proper business plan for financing, refinancing in cooperation with the bank or the hotelier, for the development, establishment or expansion of new and existing hotel units. The business planning is entirely appropriate for the creation and operation of a hotel unit, and is used as a manual for success.


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Clear Business Plan with purpose offering the opportunity to be understandable

Hotel Consultant - Kostas Falangas Values - Respect


Increase of the entrepreneur's confidence for correct financial data

Hotel Consultant - Kostas Falangas Values - Respect


Immediate provision of detailed information with data that has been analyzed in special reports

Hotel Consultant - Kostas Falangas Values - Respect


Better image to external stakeholders (banks, shareholders, etc)

Hotel Consultant - Kostas Falangas Values - Respect


Confirmation of the fidelity of the project with timely identification of corrective actions in the overall picture of the business plan if necessary

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Better management with real knowledge of all aspects of financial management

Financial Report

Service Includes

  • Completion of an analysis of the current situation and the possibilities of the company, control of operations

  • Precise financial analysis of the project to be carried out with modern calculation tools and methods with eventual actions from the initial project to increase the feasibility

  • Construction costing analysis in collaboration with an engineer where needed

  • Creation of budgets and cash flow projections with the definition of the company's policy

  • Completion and detailed presentation in various forms (electronic, paper, etc.) of the business plan

  • Support of the company towards financial institutions, lenders, or investors

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