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Hotel Project Management

Target of the proper hotel investment for the future hotelier, fund or investor according to the demand. Contribution to the design, organisation of project, suppliers research and monitoring, and increase of the productivity of the project.


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Organization of the investment without the employment of the investor

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Corrective actions in the project to have an optimal operation of the project

Hotel Consultant - Kostas Falangas Values - Respect


Monitoring the project and continuous information on the schedule and costs as well as cash flow organization of the investment

Hotel Consultant - Kostas Falangas Values - Respect


Benefit for large clients in having their Projects supported from A to Z

Hotel Consultant - Kostas Falangas Values - Respect


Cooperation with all stakeholders or selection of stakeholders for the implementation of the project

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Ability to operate on behalf of large customers without the need to create a department in Greece something which involves direct fixed costs

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Service Includes

  • Determining the value of an existing or future investment for the purchase, rental, or operation of a hotel in any way

  • Accurate financial analysis of the potential hotel project

  • Organization of the construction of the new investment and creation of the project management with an operational team

  • Monitoring the process of development, maturation, construction, and operation of the investment

  • Provision of services of asset management on behalf of large customers from Greece or abroad

  • Support and monitor the execution of projects and operations on behalf of large clients in Greece or abroad

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