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Hotel Sustainable Management

The need to protect people and the environment, as well as the promotion of ideas and attitudes, is becoming increasingly important to ensure that we leave a better, more sustainable, cleaner, and more civilised world for our children.


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Optimization of energy and environmental aspect in the overall management

Hotel Consultant - Kostas Falangas Values - Respect


Targeting customers with awareness in sustainable hotels with better consumer capacity

Hotel Consultant - Kostas Falangas Values - Respect


Deep knowledge of the costs that make up a sustainable operation

Hotel Consultant - Kostas Falangas Values - Respect


Better image to external stakeholders (banks, shareholders, etc.)

Hotel Consultant - Kostas Falangas Values - Respect


Maximizing the benefit of a sustainable policy by hotel customers

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Better management with real knowledge of all aspects of sustainable management and timely identification of issues arising from the actions

Green Buildings

Service Includes

  • Detailed information on energy, environmental data and human resources s well as relations with the community 3 years back

  • Accurate financial analysis of the aspects of sustainability and the impact on the hotel’s operations

  • Creation of the sustainability policy of the hotel and operating costing under this policy

  • Monitoring cost viability and performance with management tools

  • Preparation for certification in the organisations that will be selected

  • Marketing actions to inform the customer of the whole viability cycle

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