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Hotel Marketing & Sales

Creation of an appropriate marketing plan depending on the customer's needs and the complete identification of the entire business cycle for the correct and targeted operation, primarily through targeted market research in order to identify the customer pool in addition to the implementation of all commercial collaborations.


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Partnerships up to + 30% better results than redefining pricing, market and customers

Hotel Consultant - Kostas Falangas Values - Respect


Increase of the visibility of your hotel services

Hotel Consultant - Kostas Falangas Values - Respect


Internal sales of hotel increase up to + 20%

Hotel Consultant - Kostas Falangas Values - Respect


Increase of repeating customers of higher consumer possibility

Hotel Consultant - Kostas Falangas Values - Respect


Staff training in the upgraded customer service with immediate customer satisfaction with both increase of customer satisfaction through social networking up to 25%

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Increase in branding for the unit by implementing tools that offer the company the image it deserves

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Service Includes

  • Creating a general marketing plan and planning of a long-term strategy

  • Customer market study and re-targeting or strengthening of the existing clientele

  • Price planning and redefinition of collaborations with tour-operators, travel agencies, online, website with the design of all sales channels and their daily management

  • Determining the possibilities of the hotel for sales in the departments, pricing policy and promotion, redesign / correction of the hotel internet site

  • Design and training of staff in customer service policies

  • Develop a policy to support customer attraction using existing and new tools

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