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Kostas Falangas Hotel Consulting and RVS Hospitality

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Kostas Falangas of KF Hotel Consulting and Mr. Emmanuel Schreiner of RVS Hospitality (Austria) have announced a cooperation in the management of operations and investments of luxury hotels in Greece.

RVS units top luxury hospitality professionals to provide tailor-made consulting and white-label management solutions for upscale hospitality operations. RVS was founded in 2015 by Emanuel Schreiner with the vision to create and shape upmarket hospitality products by uniting the top consultants of the luxury hospitality world, RVS Hospitality strives to enable and inspire hospitality talents and teams worldwide to grow and to create purposeful experiences.

Together both our companies shall thrive to provide services for the upscale market.

Whether new or old, traditional or modern, boutique or 100+ rooms, independent or corporately owned, in luxury hospitality it’s about enabling teams to create purposeful, authentic experiences like no other that ultimately transform you to become the best of yourself.

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