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Kostas Falangas

Your Trusted Hotel & Tourism Consultant

Mr. Falangas is an analytical and multifaceted hospitality management executive with expertise in financial management, marketing management, hotel development, sustainable management, and day-to-day operations management within the hotel industry, as well as the tourism industry in general.


He is specialised in hotel management and development for over 25 years, having handled all aspects of hotel operations and hotel corporate company’s needs daily to ensure financial viability and drive corporate goals and objectives.


karim belhamadi siblu

Karim Belhamadi

Directeur d'Exploitation


- I have worked with Kostas via a French tour operator. Our cooperation was professional and easy. Everything was made by Kostas and his team to lead a great customer experience…


Damien Gorce

Co-Founder and CEO of Holidée

- We had the opportunity to collaborate on different projects: Management of the Animation Service for Bali Paradise, Installation of the Lookea Concept for various Hotels in Greece. Kostas is a trusted, professional and creative partner.

panos leontopoulos hotelistas

Panos Leontopoulos

CEO - Revenue Strategist


- Kostas is a professional with multiple talents and deep knowledge in tourism. We worked together closely in luxury hotel projects and Kostas added real value in financial and operational fields


François Millet

Director of Customer Experience Camping Paradis

- A pleasure to have worked with a professional partner whose sole objective is the excellence of the customer experience.

michel quenot kuoni france

Michel Quenot

Directeur Tour Operating

Groupe Kuoni France​

- Kostas Falangas has always known how to demonstrate professionalism, efficiency and expertise in all the activities we have carried out together. Its hotel expertise is undeniable. Do not hesitate to call on him.


Fabienne Poteloin

Transport and Optimization Manager Cercle des Vacances

- Kostas has great human and professional qualities. Very cultured, courageous, intelligent, curious, efficient…. Very competent, serious, open and attentive. I highly recommend him.

camille vezirian corsair

Camille Vezirian

Chargée de communication


- I had the opportunity to organize a press trip with Kostas. He was very professional, he immediately understood the constraints linked to welcoming French journalists and was able to be very responsive, bringing very good ideas. Thank you to him for his welcome and this unforgettable trip.


Abou Fall

Founder at A-BOUT DU MONDE

- I had the opportunity to collaborate with Costas for several months at the Bali Paradise hotel in Crete where I saw Costas at work in the management of his hotel but also in the management of his numerous staff. He is an extremely competent and reliable person.

Clients & Collaborations

  • How will you help me better manage my hotel?
    The hotel business consultant will help you because you will have someone to talk about the issues you are facing, to analyze the data, and to discuss at any time the solutions that need to be given to both day-to-day and strategic issues.
  • What is the charge for your services?
    The charge for the consultant's services is different for each hotelier and depends on what the hotelier wants and for how long. Therefore, the issue of cooperation should be discussed, and the consultant should make a proposal, which is always tailored to the measures and needs of the hotelier.
  • In what areas does the consultant intervene in the organization of the hotel and how does the cooperation with the hotelier is being developed?
    All areas of a hotel are eligible for consultation. In the first place the consultant needs to get to know the hotel unit and then discuss the hotelier's requirements for consulting support. The support is tailor to the measures desired by the hotelier.
  • How could we have a general counseling relationship without any restrictions?
    Consulting services are a dynamic relationship between two parties which is formed according to the support needs of the hotel business.
  • I want to be able to pick up the phone and have a consultant to help me at any time when I have issues.
    Consulting services is a dynamic relationship between two parties which is formed according to the support needs of the hotel business, the consultant will discuss with the hotelier the type of relationship and the field of consulting services he or she wishes to be provided.
  • Do I need to upgrade the software systems so I can have the data I want and do better management?
    The possibility of adding or upgrading the computer will not be considered until you have discussed your requirements with the consultant, and are fully understood by all parties, the management needs of the business, and the need to intervene in that area of information & technology.
  • I am interested in building a hotel and I want a consultant to help me at all levels, how can we work together in this way?
    You will meet with the consultant to discuss this area. The consultant will thoroughly review the entire investment project. If you wish you can measure the future return on investment and according to the results the data can be revised or confirmed. You will then formulate the investment implementation strategy and the consultant will contribute at all levels of construction, organization, and operation.
  • I want to monitor my data daily, and discuss closely with my consultant on all issues, how can I do that?
    The consultant will organize the managerial reporting of your hotel operation from the income to the final profit, the form of the statements that you will monitor together, and you will draw conclusions by developing strategies and corrective or supportive actions to improve the results of the hotel’s operations.
  • I know only basic things about sustainability, environment, and energy, how can you help me?
    Every hotel business has its own character, style, philosophy, values, and personality. The he sustainability policy, which includes energy, environment, and the human factor, is designed according to the above characteristics both to deliver results in economics and to give the maximum benefits (cost reduction, increase recognition) in the overall hotel’s operation.
  • I cannot fully deal with the hotel, and I am thinking of renting it or managing it, do you offer such a service?
    Our company is purely a consulting company, the only hotel consulting exclusively in Greece, therefore it stands next to the hotelier so that the hotelier enjoys despite the risk he takes, the full profit from his or her investment. Nevertheless, it cooperates with very important chains with which it can bring you in contact if an intermediate management solution will not be found.

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